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Many people have begun to play online poker as a way to entertain themselves and, possibly, earn some extra income. While some individuals have been able to build massive bankrolls with their skills, most players play with more modest sums of money. Thankfully, Poker Stars [read review] has unleashed the Micro Millions II series of low stakes tournaments.

While many online tournaments offer huge jackpots and prizes, some of them also require gigantic buy ins. The Poker Stars [read review] Micro Millions tournaments are different in that they offer terrific payouts, but with buy ins as low as just a few pennies. This means that players with smallest bankrolls can get involved in the action and potentially win thousands of dollars.

For those interested in entering the Micro Millions tournaments, it is recommended to act quickly. The tournaments will only be held from now through July 22, and tables fill up fast. These tournaments are fun and exciting, plus they give every Poker Stars player the chance to win big.

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